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Jacquie Ooh's Creamy Coconut Vegetable Curry

I met Jacquie Ooh through Instagram. I loved her motivational posts, her passion to give back to society and uplift women. Most of all I love her wonderful skincare products. I use her all natural, organic moisturizer everyday and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it . She recently bought some of my spice blends and true to her adventurous spirit, gave it her own delicious creative twist.
Check out Jacquie’s creative 😋 yummy #vegan twist on our Grandma's Spicy Chicken Curry recipe👇🏽: 
Ingredients needed:
💥#Veggies: #broccoli, #cauliflower, carrots, #mushrooms, onions and plenty of red pepper flakes!!! 
💥Coconut milk
💥Anar Gourmet Foods seasoning mix 
💥#Chicken blackened with some of the #seasoning from the seasoning mix package
💥Pair with coconut rice, and a simple green salad!!!!
We love supporting #WomenOwned businesses. Want to know more about my friend Jacquie's Women Owned business and her amazing GLOW skin care product line? 
Visit her on Instagram @Jacquieoohproject or click on the link below 👇🏽 for her website: https://www.jacquieooh.com/

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Amazing Recipe

This chicken marinade is amazing! Marinate overnight is best and the chicken is crispy, moist, and so flavorful with just the right amount of heat! My whole family loves it - have only used chicken thighs, need to try with bone in, skin on chicken breast too!

Thank you Kim for this thoughtful and AWESOME review along with your gorgeous mouthwatering photos! I am SO delighted that you and your family love my chicken marinade seasoning kit. Good to know that the seasoning kit can used with both boneless vs. bone-in chicken thighs. Great tip! Thanks again for taking the time to write such a wonderful review ! I appreciate you !


Made tikka masala for a family get together. Everyone raved about the dinner. It’s absolutely delicious !!!

Angela, We are absolutely thrilled that you and your family love our tikka seasoning blend. Most of all we are delighted that it brought you so much joy. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

So good..!!!!

I don’t like playing by the rules hence I decided to make a classic from the Hyderabadi cuisine - Bagara Baingan ( tempered eggplants) and my world did that taste yumm .. I used this spice and it blew life into the eggplant . Love these blends from Anar ..!!!

OMG! I am so touched by your review Debashis! I'm a huge fan of your culinary skills & creative Indian and Indian fusion recipes (along with the 10K + fans you have on Instagram @debscraftycuisine). I'm so honored that you love incorporating my seasoning blends into your recipes. Thank you so much for your five star review! I totally made my day. Cheers, Priya

Super yum blends

I love fusion and have made a Turkish dish Cilbir , using this and it tasted heavenly . Thanks to these wonderfully hand curated blends from Anar.
My favorite and goto blends always ..!!!

Absolutely thrilled to be the GO TO seasoning blends for the culinary maestro @Debscraftycuisine on Instagram with 10K + followers.. What an honor! Thank you so much for your 5 star review. I appreciate it! Cheers,

Potato Curry Gourmet Seasoning Kit | Family Size
Elizabeth Walsh (Cherry Hill, US)
Potato Curry Gourmet Seasoning Kit

I can bake and I can microwave. I cannot cook. Strike that. I can now cook. Anar seasoning packs make it easy easy easy - and they are delicious delicious delicious!! Originally purchased to support Anar Gourmet Foods because it is a woman-owned business. Now I buy so I can easily prepare healthy meals... and so I can now say I can cook!!