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Hot South Indian curry powder with beef and eggplant curry
Hot Curry Powder with eggs, avocado and plum tomatoes
South Indian Hot Curry Powder | 2oz
South Indian Hot Curry Powder | 2oz

South Indian Hot Curry Powder | 2oz

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Proprietary blend of authentic and aromatic South Indian Curry powder comes in a 2.0 oz bottle. This gourmet curry powder blend is THE essence of South Indian cooking. It is a proprietary blend of exotic Indian curry powder that has been handed down from two generations of my family and is NOT widely available in the market. The delicious spices are individually hand roasted till the aromas reach perfection, then hand blended in small batches to ensure a high quality yield for your curry powder bottle.

Take one whiff and you will be enveloped with the spices of India. Generally, one teaspoon is all you need per each curry dish, unless your palates are DARING!! 

(use 1 1/2 teaspoon for medium spice curry; may be used up to 20 - 25 curries)