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Fusion Indian Food: Salmon Cream Cheese dip w/Anar Gourmet Foods Curry Powder

Decadent Fusion Food: 
Salmon w/cream cheese dip made w/Anar Gourmet Foods HOT curry powder
This yummy recipe was made by my creative husband Glenn who just throws things together and comes up with the most delicious creations. He repurposed baked salmon from dinner leftovers and mixed with cream cheese to create this decadent creamy Salmon dip. We served it with gluten free crackers. Thank you MY LOVE for letting me share this recipe with all.
To bake Salmon for dinner
Salmon: 1-1/12 lbs; clean fish by removing scales
Olive oil: drizzle on to lightly coat fish
Anar Gourmet Foods HOT South Indian Curry Powder: Sprinkle on
(suggestion: lightly coat fish for mild to medium flavor) 
Salt: Sprinkle on (suggestion: add equal parts to curry powder) 
Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. On a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil, lightly spray olive oil to coat baking sheet. Place Salmon on baking sheets & drizzle on olive oil onto both sides of Salmon and rub it into Salmon. Sprinkle on Anar Gourmet Foods Hot Curry powder & salt and rub into both sides of Salmon.
Place Salmon skin side down, bake at 350 degree for ~20 mins till salmon reaches 140 degrees and flakes easily with fork. Let rest for about 10 mins and enjoy!
Serve with vegetables of your choice, quinoa/rice and/or mashed potatoes
For Salmon Cream Cheese dip:
Left over baked Salmon made with Anar Gourmet Foods Curry powder: ~ 4 oz
Cream Cheese with Chives: 8 oz cream cheese (softened in microwave for 30 secs)
Garlic Powder: 1/2 tsp
Salt: 1/2 tsp
Capers: 1 tsp
Green onions/Scallions; 2 stalks, rinsed & chopped into ~1/4 inch pieces (cut off roots)
Plum tomatoes: 2-3 cut into thin strips (optional)
1. Flake baked Salmon with fork in bowl.
2. Add softened cream cheese to bowl and mix with salmon
3. Add garlic, salt, green onions and capers mix well
4. Chill in fridge for 15-30 mins 
5. Serve with plum tomatoes if desired 
6. Enjoy with crackers of your choice
This creamy Salmon dip is just divine! The complex flavors of the curry powder in the Salmon pairs perfectly with cream cheese to add a depth of flavor to this creamy, flavorful and decadent dip. Enjoy 😊!