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Kids Indian Cooking Class: April 21st- May 12th 2021

Make delicious Indian food easily with Ms. Priya, Founder/Anar Gourmet Foods.

This hands on virtual cooking class will help students:
1. Make authentic and fusion Indian food easily with seasoning kits and other Indian spices.
2. Tips and tricks for cooking Indian food.
3. Cook along with Ms. Priya to make delicious Indian dinner for your entire family.

Kids will be required to use knives to chop, dice vegetable. Use stove, handle hot pots/pans and perhaps oven. We will go slowly through each step of cooking as kitchen safety is imperative. Adult supervision is recommended and parents are required to be at home in case of emergency!

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Excellent and easy

Why bother trying your own when this is so easy? . Delicious!

Thank you so much for your awesome review! I’m delighted that you loved my chicken tikka masala seasoning kit. My vision was to make this dish super easy to make and skip the hassle to help making Indian food easier. So I’m thrilled that I made it easy for you to make this dish. I appreciate the feedback !

Fabulous Chickpea Curry!

Another incredible seasoning mix from Anar Gourmet Foods! This Chickpea Curry was absolutely delicious with easy to follow directions! All of their products are excellent quality, and the customer service is impeccable. Can’t wait to try more of their seasoning mixes!


Loved our chicken curry dinner. I decided to do the spicy version, but modified it slightly with a little more yogurt in step 1 turning down the spice just a notch. It was perfect! I appreciate the options for level of spice. I will be ordering more.

Just ordered 5 more

I learned about Anar through a WBEC (women owned businesses) showcase. My family loves Indian food. I ordered the chicken tikka masala spice mix. I made the meal this week and it was the best! Clear directions, GREAT flavor. I am a fan! I am stocking up.


Like all the recipes we have tried, the spices were spot on and the ingredients list and instructions clear. Missing our favorite restaurants, we spent the last year trying to learn to cook new cuisines. Priya's mixes and directions have been so welcomed!

Thank you Margaret for your thoughtful review and awesome food photo! We so appreciate your feedback. I'm so thrilled that you and your family love my seasoning kits. Woohooo.. !!