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42 reviews

Like all the recipes we have tried, the spices were spot on and the ingredients list and instructions clear. Missing our favorite restaurants, we spent the last year trying to learn to cook new cuisines. Priya's mixes and directions have been so welcomed!

Thank you Margaret for your thoughtful review and awesome food photo! We so appreciate your feedback. I'm so thrilled that you and your family love my seasoning kits. Woohooo.. !!

Another great dish!

We absolutely love this dish! It is so easy to make, just like all of the other products! The flavors mesh so well together. We've had this both with rice and with chips for nachos. Both are excellent!! We will absolutely be ordering more!

Hi Cassie:
Thank you so much for your yummy & thoughtful review! I’m so delighted that you continue to enjoy my seasoning kits and home cooking! I love that you and your family enjoyed the Keema with both rice and chips as an appetizer. Yes, I agree it is quite yummy with nacho chips . Thank you again for taking the time to post your feedback !!


Wonderful blend of Indian spices! The recipe was so quick and easy to follow! So delicious! Excellent customer service and communication as well. I met Priya at the Public Market in Wheeling, WV in Fall 2019 and loved her products immediately. Can’t wait to try all of the other recipes!

Thank you so much for your wonderful review and the gorgeous photo!! . ! I really appreciate it. I am absolutely thrilled that you like my seasoning kits, home made recipes and our customer service. We will do our best to continue to delight you and your family with our home made recipes.. Thank you !! Priya

Delicious and easy to make!

Everyone in the family really enjoyed this meal (even the person who doesn't like potatoes). Cooking the egg into the sauce was a unique twist that we really liked. I actually added a second egg.

I made this twice and it was so easy that I could practically do it from memory the second time.

Emily!!!! Thank you so. much for this wonderful review! We are SO thrilled that even the person who didn't like potatoes loved this meal. That's awesome!! Thank you for this wonderful review!

A delicious addition

Thank you for adding butter chicken. We can't seem to get enough of Priya's spice blends. Looking forward to whatever is next!