A taste of Andhra Pradesh. Why so spicy?  by Debashis Bhattacharyya

A taste of Andhra Pradesh. Why so spicy? by Debashis Bhattacharyya

Here is  FANTASTIC 🎉 informative & well written article from chef extraordinaire and our talented friend Debashis Bhattacharya @DebsCraftyCuisine recently published (April 2023) in Ceiamag.com. (Link below).

https://ceiamag.com/ @ceiamagazine.

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This article traces the roots of tasty dishes from Andhra Pradesh and gives insights into why Andhra food is SO SPICY. 🥵 It features eight popular Andhra dishes. Find out which dishes are our favorites and how to make them. As a caveat, you may know our seasoning kits are based on yummy food from Andhra Pradesh but they are not too SPICY. 

Some of our favorite dishes below highlighted in the article are:

#1. Andhra Chicken Curry:

Make this tasty dish with our Grandma's Spicy Chicken Curry Seasoning Kit. Use Asian chilli peppers for a more SPICY experience instead of jalapenos.

#2. Gongura Mutton

#4. Andhra Style Fish curry: Click on link below to access this recipe.


#5. Biryani 😋!!:

Make an easy variation of this dish with my Grandma's Spicy Chicken Curry Seasoning Kit. Pair it with Chicken Curry (use another packet of Grandma's Spicy Chicken Curry Seasoning Kit to make the curry) for an AMAZING culinary experience. Click on link below to access the recipe on our website. 


#7. Pulihora

#8. Bagara Baingan:

A variation of this vegan eggplant recipe (without the peanuts) is on our website. Click on the link below. 


As you may know our seasonings ARE based on my parents’ home cooking from Andhra Pradesh, which are very tasty 😋 and spicy 🥵 HOT.

HOWEVER, when developing each of our seasoning blends, we go through an intense 3-4 month period of R&D to customize:

  • Spicy heat in each blend with fresh ingredients added.
  • Localize the spice flavors with familiar western ingredients.

We love this yummy process to ensure that practically 99% of people who try these flavors enjoy them. 😊 It's a lofty goal but the final recipe and seasonings are worth the wait as we cook with love ❤️ and love sharing the joy of our home cooking. 🧑‍🍳 💞🏡

Click on link below to access this artfully written spicy HOT flavored article !


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PS: If you have trouble accessing the article, please do email us and we will gladly send you a pdf of the article. :-) 

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