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Our Values


We are passionate about providing homemade healthy food options for families. We strive to help Indian food lovers easily prepare authentic delicious Indian cuisine with all natural, gourmet quality spices and seasoning mixes which are added to your own fresh ingredients for delicious meals. 

                                    OUR VALUES





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We believe our success begins and ends with our customers and we are dedicated to delivering an Outstanding Customer Experience

  • Delicious products at a fair price
  • Consistent quality
  • Low environmental impact packaging
  • Strict adherence to government regulations


  • Our boutique company offers the highest quality seasoning mixes and proprietary spices to provide an authentic Indian cooking experience.
  • The spices that we use in our products are all natural and are ethically sourced from around the world.
  • We appreciate and act upon our customer’s feedback to help us improve our processes and products.
  • We measure and track our performance so that we can improve and elevate your experience with us.
  • We want to delight you each and every time you try one of our products - from the moment you place the order with us to the last delicious morsel in your mouth.


We believe in the importance of giving back to society and making a positive difference to those who live among us. We are passionate about providing food to helping feed hungry kids right here in the U.S..  A portion of our profits is donated to the leading national hunger non-profit organization. Please contact us to find out more.