Referral Rewards Program

We are thrilled that our customers love our authentic & fusion Indian seasoning kits 🥳. As a small business, we are grateful to our customers for referrals to family and friends. As we grow online primarily through word of mouth, we wanted our customers to share in our success by rewarding them for their referrals. We are excited for the opportunity to utilize this win-win situation to share our authentic homemade yummy Indian food for all to enjoy. 

Our Anar Gourmet Foods Affiliate Program is an easy way to refer your friends, family and social media followers for products that you already love and are already referring. Now you get rewarded for it!! We are using a referral app called goaffpro (go affiliate program) to help us manage this program. 

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  • What are the rewards?

    •  Anar Gourmet Foods gives you 20% of the product price for referring its products with cash.
    • You get paid within 7 days through paypal after your referrals purchase product.
    • Your referrals get 15% off our products with customized codes you sent them. 
  • How do I sign up and get started?

    1. Click "Get Started Now".
    2. Click the "Join Now" button.
    3. Create an account.
    4. Work within the Go Affiliate Program (goaffpro) app to get credit for your referrals. The app will generate coupon codes and links for you to share. 
    Get Started Now 
  • How do I share the referral link?

    Family and Friends: On the "Home" tab, copy the coupon code or referral link to send to family and friends.

    Social Media: On the "Marketing Tools" tab, follow the prompts to select a product and generate a referral link to share on social media.

    Custom Email: On the "Marketing Tools" tab, upload a photo (optional) and customize your email with the provided marketing materials.