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Referral Program

Anar Gourmet Foods Referral Rewards Program 

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We are thrilled that our customers love our authentic & fusion Indian seasoning kits 🥳. As a small business, we are grateful to our customers for referrals to family and friends. As we grow online primarily through word of mouth, we wanted our customers to share in our success by rewarding them for their referrals. We are excited for the opportunity to utilize this win-win situation to share our authentic homemade yummy Indian food for all to enjoy. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What is the Anar Gourmet Foods affiliate program?
It is an easy way to refer your friends, family and social media followers for products that you already love and are already referring. Now you get rewarded for it!! We are using a referral app called goaffpro (go affiliate program) to help us manage this program. 
2. What are the rewards?
  •  Anar Gourmet Foods gives you 20% of the product price for referring its products with cash.
  • You get paid within 7 days through paypal after your referrals purchase product.
  • Your referrals get 15% off our products with customized codes you sent them. 
3. How do I get started?
It takes just a couple of minutes to sign up for the program with your email and follow the prompts. The required fields are marked by a red asterisk*. We ask for minimal sign up information to respect your privacy.
4. Sign up:
  • Click on link HERE to access the program
  • Click on tab marked JOIN NOW or Create Account.
  • Sign up with name, password and email information.
  • Please work within the referral app called (go affiliate program) to get credit for the referral. This app generates coupon codes and produces links for referral. 

5. Send a referral link to friends and family:

  • After signing up for the referral program, please follow the steps below:
    • On tab marked "Home": Copy the coupon code (generally your full name) or referral link and send to friends in an email OR
    • On tab marked "Marketing tools": Follow prompts given which are:
      • Browse the store for qualifying products. Copy and paste the url link and press ENTER to generate a referral link.
      • Copy link and share this link on your blog, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Optional:
    • Upload your photo (optional) and customize email with marketing materials provided from "Marketing tools" tab.

    5.  How Anar Gourmet Foods helps you in your efforts:

    To help you be successful, we support you with:

    • Customizable emails 
    • Referral links that can easily be copied and sent through emails or social media.
    • Product photos to help you refer products.

    For additional information, contact us:

    • Via the web contact form.
    • Email us at
    • Call us at 877-563-2740.




    ★ Reviews

    Our Customers Love Us

    72 reviews
    Authentic and Yummy

    I am not a good cook and I don't like cooking.... but I enjoyed making the curry and it turned out delish! My guests were surprised. :)

    Amazing Recipe

    This chicken marinade is amazing! Marinate overnight is best and the chicken is crispy, moist, and so flavorful with just the right amount of heat! My whole family loves it - have only used chicken thighs, need to try with bone in, skin on chicken breast too!

    Thank you Kim for this thoughtful and AWESOME review along with your gorgeous mouthwatering photos! I am SO delighted that you and your family love my chicken marinade seasoning kit. Good to know that the seasoning kit can used with both boneless vs. bone-in chicken thighs. Great tip! Thanks again for taking the time to write such a wonderful review ! I appreciate you !


    Made tikka masala for a family get together. Everyone raved about the dinner. It’s absolutely delicious !!!

    Angela, We are absolutely thrilled that you and your family love our tikka seasoning blend. Most of all we are delighted that it brought you so much joy. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

    So good..!!!!

    I don’t like playing by the rules hence I decided to make a classic from the Hyderabadi cuisine - Bagara Baingan ( tempered eggplants) and my world did that taste yumm .. I used this spice and it blew life into the eggplant . Love these blends from Anar ..!!!

    OMG! I am so touched by your review Debashis! I'm a huge fan of your culinary skills & creative Indian and Indian fusion recipes (along with the 10K + fans you have on Instagram @debscraftycuisine). I'm so honored that you love incorporating my seasoning blends into your recipes. Thank you so much for your five star review! I totally made my day. Cheers, Priya

    Super yum blends

    I love fusion and have made a Turkish dish Cilbir , using this and it tasted heavenly . Thanks to these wonderfully hand curated blends from Anar.
    My favorite and goto blends always ..!!!

    Absolutely thrilled to be the GO TO seasoning blends for the culinary maestro @Debscraftycuisine on Instagram with 10K + followers.. What an honor! Thank you so much for your 5 star review. I appreciate it! Cheers,