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Anar Gourmet Foods Referral Rewards Program 

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We are thrilled that our customers love our authentic & fusion Indian seasoning kits 🥳. As a small business, we are grateful to our customers for referrals to family and friends. As we grow online primarily through word of mouth, we wanted our customers to share in our success by rewarding them for their referrals. We are excited for the opportunity to utilize this win-win situation to share our authentic homemade yummy Indian food for all to enjoy. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What is the Anar Gourmet Foods affiliate program?
It is an easy way to refer your friends, family and social media followers for products that you already love and are already referring. Now you get rewarded for it!!
2. What are the rewards?
  •  Anar Gourmet Foods gives you 20% of the product price for referring its products with cash.
  • You get paid within 7 days through paypal after your referrals purchase product.
  • Your referrals get 15% off our products with customized codes you sent them. 
3. How do I get started?
It takes just a couple of minutes to sign up for the program with your email and follow the prompts. The required fields are marked by a red asterisk*. We ask for minimal sign up information to respect your privacy.
4. To sign up:
  • Click on link HERE to access the program
  • Click on tab marked JOIN NOW.
  • Sign up with name, email, password and paypal email.
  • That's it!

5.  How Anar Gourmet Foods helps you in your efforts:

To help you be successful, we support you with:

  • Customizable emails 
  • Referral links that can easily be copied and sent through emails or social media.
  • Product photos to help you refer products.

For additional information, contact us:

  • Via the web contact form.
  • Email us at
  • Call us at 877-563-2740.




★ Reviews

Our Customers Love Us

54 reviews
So delicious!

Thank you for another amazing recipe! I made this using your recipe for seafood stew and it was incredible! It was such a treat and so easy to make. I will definitely be ordering another packet to make again!

Soooo good!

Had my first experience making Indian food and so appreciated the kits! Made chicken tikka masala and saag paneer, and they were both excellent. And, they were even better heated up as left overs! Will definitely buy again!

Hi Pam,
I am SO very thrilled that you had an AMAZING experience with both the chicken tikka masala and saag paneer kits. We are delighted that you love our easy Indian home cooking made with love! Thank you so much for your thoughtful and awesome review!

Virtual Indian Cooking Class
Annette hladio (Ambler, US)

Priya is a fabulous instructor. Very funny, great directions, always checking to make sure I was following along. Food was also very amazing! Totally enjoyed the class. Will do it again!

Annette!!! It was such a pleasure to have you in class. I thoroughly enjoyed your company. I am quite delighted that your very first experience of cooking an entire Indian meal of main entrée and accompaniment (Chicken Tikka Masala and coconut rice) was a success! Thank you for your wonderful review :-).

Excellent and easy

Why bother trying your own when this is so easy? . Delicious!

Thank you so much for your awesome review! I’m delighted that you loved my chicken tikka masala seasoning kit. My vision was to make this dish super easy to make and skip the hassle to help making Indian food easier. So I’m thrilled that I made it easy for you to make this dish. I appreciate the feedback !

Fabulous Chickpea Curry!

Another incredible seasoning mix from Anar Gourmet Foods! This Chickpea Curry was absolutely delicious with easy to follow directions! All of their products are excellent quality, and the customer service is impeccable. Can’t wait to try more of their seasoning mixes!