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Anar Gourmet Foods Referral Rewards Program 

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We are thrilled that our customers love our authentic & fusion Indian seasoning kits 🥳. As a small business, we are grateful to our customers for referrals to family and friends. As we grow online primarily through word of mouth, we wanted our customers to share in our success by rewarding them for their referrals. We are excited for the opportunity to utilize this win-win situation to share our authentic homemade yummy Indian food for all to enjoy. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What is the Anar Gourmet Foods affiliate program?
It is an easy way to refer your friends, family and social media followers for products that you already love and are already referring. Now you get rewarded for it!! We are using a referral app called goaffpro (go affiliate program) to help us manage this program. 
2. What are the rewards?
  •  Anar Gourmet Foods gives you 20% of the product price for referring its products with cash.
  • You get paid within 7 days through paypal after your referrals purchase product.
  • Your referrals get 15% off our products with customized codes you sent them. 
3. How do I get started?
It takes just a couple of minutes to sign up for the program with your email and follow the prompts. The required fields are marked by a red asterisk*. We ask for minimal sign up information to respect your privacy.
4. Sign up:
  • Click on link HERE to access the program
  • Click on tab marked JOIN NOW or Create Account.
  • Sign up with name, password and email information.
  • Please work within the referral app called (go affiliate program) to get credit for the referral. This app generates coupon codes and produces links for referral. 

5. Send a referral link to friends and family:

  • After signing up for the referral program, please follow the steps below:
    • On tab marked "Home": Copy the coupon code (generally your full name) or referral link and send to friends in an email OR
    • On tab marked "Marketing tools": Follow prompts given which are:
      • Browse the store for qualifying products. Copy and paste the url link and press ENTER to generate a referral link.
      • Copy link and share this link on your blog, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Optional:
    • Upload your photo (optional) and customize email with marketing materials provided from "Marketing tools" tab.

    5.  How Anar Gourmet Foods helps you in your efforts:

    To help you be successful, we support you with:

    • Customizable emails 
    • Referral links that can easily be copied and sent through emails or social media.
    • Product photos to help you refer products.

    For additional information, contact us:

    • Via the web contact form.
    • Email us at
    • Call us at 877-563-2740.




    ★ Reviews

    Our Customers Love Us

    82 reviews
    Wow. This was amazing!

    I bought a few items at the Pittsburgh Home Show and finally used made this.. It was truly.superb. Better than any restaurant! Can't wait to try more. (and it looks exactly like the picture)

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Thank you for your AWESOME review! I'm SO delighted that you loved my Grandma's Spicy Chicken Curry seasoning kit and that it met your expectations. I will let my mom know that you loved her recipe. I'm sure she will be thrilled. Thank you SO much! Cheers Priya

    Wow! So Tasty!

    What a fantastic way to bring Indian Cuisine into my home. Priya, your Tikka Masala Seasoning packets leave me speechless! Thank you so much for taking the step to open this business offering these amazing tastes into everyone's home. Kept me going back for 2nd and 3rd helpings! Very dangerous for singles households. Once my four kits are all gone, I will absolutely be ordering four more! Thanks 10 times more! - Fred

    Dear Frederick,
    I absolutely loved your review. My family got a good chuckle out of it because we could relate to going back for 2nds and 3rd helpings of chicken tikka masala. I am so glad our seasonings brought you joy with this dish. Thank YOU for your awesome review. Cheers Priya

    A fabulous dish!

    I saw Priya profiled in a newspaper article and decided to try her recipe. It was wonderful - scrumptious flavors and very easy to follow. It makes a lot of sauce that can be used with other proteins and veggies - a dish that keeps on giving! So glad I gave it a try.

    Hi Victoria,
    I am absolutely thrilled that you loved my chicken tikka masala seasonings, recipe and tips to maximize the dish. Thank you SO much for your detailed and thoughtful review. We celebrated with a happy dance. Cheers Priya

    Husband loved it!

    I was taken by your ad that said I could adjust the spice level. I bought the Chicken Tikka Masala and the Butter Chicken mixes. I made the Tikka Masala for my husband, who cannot tolerate much heat, and made it without adding any jalapeño. He LOVED it. After dinner he came in and asked for a small bowl of rice with the sauce on it. He asked me to order more immediately! Thank you for making this spice mix so easily adaptable for people like my husband, who can’t enjoy spicy hot foods, but love the flavors of this dish. I think we are about to be regular customers! (PS—I enjoyed it as well!)

    Hi Evelyn,
    Thank you for your detailed and thoughtful review. Oh my gosh!! I’m absolutely thrilled that your husband enjoyed the chicken tikka masala and that you did too.
    It takes me 3-4 months to perfect a recipe and customize the spicy heat. So it’s fulfilling to know that I was able to help you make Indian food that you both loved.

    Thank you for sharing your experience. It means a lot to me and my business.

    Wonderful company!!

    I read about this company in my local paper and was super excited to order some of the spice kits for my daughter’s birthday. She LOVES Indian food and makes it occasionally, but because the spice preparation can be daunting and ordering spices online can result in pounds of something you may not use in your lifetime, my daughter did not make her own very often. What a brilliant idea to sell spice packets for those of us who don’t want to buy a ton of exotic spices but want to cook our own Indian food! Oh - and the gift decoration was gorgeous. Very personal service. Highly recommend!

    Hi Barbara,
    Thank you SO much for your thoughtful and AWESOME review ! The reason I started this company was to make it easier to cook Indian food. I'm thrilled in particular that you are enjoying our unique home cooking in your home. I'm so glad you, your daughter and family loved our gift decorations. It truly was made with love from our family to yours. :-). Thanks again. Wishing you all the best. Cheers ~ Priya