Behind the scenes: Email marketing through Seguno app.

Behind the scenes: Email marketing through Seguno app.

As a solopreneur, I wear many, many (did I mention many?) 😂 hats including writing my own newsletters. When I send out newsletters, I like to provide value that will help my customers make yummy 😋 Indian food easily - from using our Indian recipes and seasoning blends to tips and tricks for easy weekday meals. In this behind the scenes peek, I show some of the work that goes into choosing tools needed to craft newsletters for an enjoyable customer experience.

Recently, I was approached by Seguno, the app I use for my newsletters to share my experience about them. I was thrilled that my small women owned Pittsburgh based business was recently featured as a case study on their website. Click on the link below marked Seguno for the brief one minute "commercial" and the interview for a behind the scenes look 👀 at my #foodie entrepreneurial life. 

Many thanks to Abby P. for allowing me to use her beautiful smile 😃 and her image as an Anar Gourmet Foods happy customer in the commercial. 🤩



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We bought your chicken curry packet in Pittsburgh and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Kris deeken

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