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Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) Spotlight: Launch of 2 new spices

WBE Spotlight


Priya Osuri, Founder/Owner of Anar Gourmet Foods is thrilled to announce the launch of two NEW delicious spice mixes – Butter Chicken and Saag Paneer (Spinach with Indian Cheese) on July 17, with help from WBENC. During the pandemic, Priya saw demand for people wanting to prepare nutritious Indian food at home.

 Priya says “I’m particularly grateful to WBENC’s commitment to help members by providing much needed resources to grow and thrive during these uncertain times”. She believes her comfort food nourishes the heart and soul for people during these uncertain times. She creates authentic & fusion Indian seasoning mixes for people who love Indian food but are intimidated to prepare it. The all-natural, gluten-free seasoning mixes are a hit because of the delicious authentic taste and simplicity of preparing these family sized dishes at home.

 As a self-employed individual running her business, Priya often finds herself stretched to the max. However, she was able to launch her products due to Catalant technologies, a resource she accessed through WBENC. Priya was matched with two MBAs, Annie Hosler and Lin Zhang, with whom she credits infusing her business with actionable strategy, execution skills and refreshing new-found energy to launch her two new spice mixes. 

 It is because of these two exceptionally talented and generous individuals’ tireless efforts and WBENC’s continuous commitment to its members that Priya’s business has thrived during this pandemic. She enthusiastically looks forward to achieving her vision of blending cultures and spices for foodies through her uniquely delicious tasting authentic and fusion Indian food.

 Anar Gourmet Foods, a Pittsburgh based company founded in 2016 is a proud member of WBEC-East. Learn more at



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A delicious addition

Thank you for adding butter chicken. We can't seem to get enough of Priya's spice blends. Looking forward to whatever is next!


I had this sitting in the back of my pantry for a bit with the best intentions of making it, but always forgetting to pick a component up at the store. I am so sad that I waited so long to make it! It was fabulous!! We had it for dinner last night and I followed the video instructions to use my Instant Pot. So warm and comforting. I did not quite have a full cup of heavy cream, so I did 1/2 cup heavy cream and 1/2 cup half and half with perfect results. Very easy and tasty! I will certainly be stocking up!

Thank you Alicia for your wonderful review. I'm thrilled that you enjoyed my Chicken Tikka Masala recipe. I love the substitution for the heavy cream with half and half. Great idea!
Thanks again! Cheers, Priya

Family Favorite!

I have two picky kids that can never agree on what they like to eat. We all love the Beef Keema! I am looking forward to trying other Anar flavors!

Cooking this recipe was very easy and I was able to cook in my Instant Pot based on the video posted on the website. The final product was very good!

This has turned into a family favorite and we eat it at least once a month. It makes a ton, so there’s always leftovers. This is a must try!