Easy Baked Salmon with Hot South Indian Curry Powder

Easy Baked Salmon with Hot South Indian Curry Powder

Salmon with hot curry powder
This baked salmon recipe is SO easy and SO delicious 😋!  It's one of my favorite go-to dishes when I'm craving my mom's delicious Indian food but just don't have the energy to cook. No need to marinate well ahead of time or do much prepping. It's literally just three ingredients that's added to the salmon, which can be eaten with salad or as dinner. The curry powder used in this recipe is the special ingredient that just elevates this dish from the everyday fare to DELICIOUS!! No kidding!! It's my grandma's recipe and is unique to our household. It provides that unique Indian home cooked taste that just hits the spot. Keep in mind, it is HOT, so I would not recommend using too much. Sprinkle on a thin layer of it on the salmon to keep it mild or add more if you like it 🔥 HOT 🔥 ! 
Here's my easy lazy recipe for salmon 😄 ! 
Salmon: ~ 1 or 1 1/2 lbs (use more or less depending on how much fish you have)
Olive oil: just enough to coat salmon and baking tray
Salt: Sprinkle on (with equal parts curry powder)
Anar Gourmet Foods Hot South Indian Curry Powder: Sprinkle on
Lemon: (optional)
TIP: To get rid of fishy taste, scale the fish and soak it in milk overnight. The next day, pour out the milk down the drain and rinse the fish in cold water. Don't forget to clean sink 😄!

1) Scale fish or remove skin.

2) Lightly coat fish with olive oil, sprinkle on and rub in Anar Hot 🔥South Indian   Curry Powder with equal parts salt. 

3) Place on aluminum foil/ parchment paper on baking tray lightly coated with oil. 

4) Bake at 350 degrees for approximately 20-25 minutes till it flakes (depending on the thickness of the fish).

5) Squeeze lemon on to enhance flavor of fish.

Keep it healthy by pairing it with asparagus, brussel sprouts or veggies of your choice and quinoa for a delicious dinner or eat it on a bed of salad. 😋

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