Spicy Beef Curry

Spicy Beef Curry


I created this 1 pot Spicy beef curry dish for my Caucasian hubby  who loves his meat and potatoes. When I was growing up, my mom used these seasonings to make lamb curry. Since then, I’ve made a few changes to this recipe. I substituted lamb for beef as my hubby doesn’t care for the lamb taste and decreased the spicy HOT heat of Asian chili peppers by using de-seeded jalapeno so that my husband could enjoy the taste without breaking out into a sweat. The initial recipe was for preparing beef with mushrooms. Since then, I’ve substituted the mushrooms for potatoes to make it heartier and my hubby eats it with egg noodles instead of rice at times for a fusion Indian twist. I realized that this recipe was very versatile so I changed the name from Beef and mushroom seasoning kit to Spicy beef curry as it can be used with any veggies you like. This warm and hearty dish has been a hit with my family.

I love that I can cook a 1 pot generous family sized meal with prepackaged seasonings and easy recipe that you just can’t mess up. Make it your own by substituting your favorite meats, veggies and customize the spicy heat . Pair this delicious dish with a sweet German Riesling for a well-balanced sweet and spicy taste.

Enjoy this Spicy beef curry recipe below from my family to yours.

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