Tangy South Indian Fish Curry

This yummy 😋 fish curry is SO easy to make and so very delicious. It was a family favorite at my parents home when I was growing up. Now, it's one of my hubby's favorites too. Even though he doesn't care for fish much, this is one that he definitely enjoys as much as I do. It's my go-to fish dish whenever I get a craving for a quick and easy fish meal fix. 

I love that it has a quick prep time and requires minimal spices. Adding the Anar HOT South Indian curry powder blend lessens the number of additional spices needed as many spices are already incorporated in the blend itself. Love that hack!

The "exotic" Indian spice ingredients such as our curry powder, tamarind and curry leaves definitely make the dish. If you'd like to make this dish, I would highly encourage you to get them as substitutes for these specialized ingredients  do not do this dish justice.  

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 😋 

Print out this recipe HERE.